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My best friend’s son, remembered.

ReecerMedia sponsors projectmicaMy best friend lost her son at the age of 33 to a heroin overdose.

I remember getting the phone call from her the day after it happened. I recall her telling me she felt like a truck had just run over her heart and smashed it into bits. As a mother myself I can only imagine the incredible sorrow she felt at the loss of his or her child. Sadly there many other mothers with similar stories. Too many.

I decided to do what I could, by helping her set up a website and a social media presence to honor Adam, who in the last few months of his life talked about wanting to make a difference and help others.

Although I never met Adam, I know through his mother, who I have known for more than 10 years, and through hearing about him from other family members that he was a remarkable and unique human being that was tragically in the grips of an illness and addition he could no longer endure.

From his restful place in heaven, among others who have left us, I like to think he is smiling, strumming his guitar and sending sunshine into the hearts of his family, especially his mother today. And so my #IMOA selfie includes my guitar and piano I think he would have liked.

Adam, you will always be remembered.

Please share, like, comment and contact us via email to if you are interested in being involved.

ReecerMediaReecerMedia supports and sponsors @projectMICA by developing and maintaining this website, contributing t-shirt designs and helping the organization in general get off the ground. I hope it will be a positive symbol of Adam’s life, and hope for others suffering from the affects of Mental Illness and Chemical Addition.

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