How did we get here?


As I stood in the hospital room, feeling like I was in a dream, the running thought was, “How did we get here?” I remember whispering it over and over. As I watched my son’s chest rise and fall, painfully aware that the motion was not being done by him, but by a machine. The reality of a drug overdose. A neurologist saying that 96% of his brain was not functioning, and that they would not resuscitate him if he went into a seventh cardiac arrest. Heroin and cocaine…..the reality is it will kill you. Adam’s decades long alcohol and drug abuse had resulted in what we all had feared over the years. And now that we are all standing here, it’s as if we never thought this could happen. As much as you can try to prepare yourself for the unpleasant thought of your child dying, when it happens it is as if you had never thought it was possible….so, how did we get here?